Expert Trial Investigation Solutions

Delta Intel Group is a premium full-service Private Investigation Firm based in Houston, Texas. Our team of highly-skilled investigators is equipped to handle nationwide investigation matters, providing you with the comprehensive information you need.

What We Offer

Delta Intel Group

Location Services

When it comes to locating defendants and witnesses, Delta Intel Group has seasoned professionals with significant law enforcement experience; including in locating individuals who may be intentionally evading detection.

Delta Intel Group

Fact Witness Identification

The most critical witness for your case may not be on your current witness list. Our specialized team excels in the identification and location of additional fact witnesses who have the potential to significantly influence the outcome of your case. Turn the tables in your favor by utilizing your opponent’s own associates as a powerful asset.

Delta Intel Group

Background Checks

Thorough background checks on key witnesses play a pivotal role in litigation. A successful case hinges on accurate information. We meticulously examine federal, state, and local records to swiftly provide you with reliable and precise data.

Delta Intel Group

Civil & Criminal Investigations

Let us bolster your case. Our seasoned investigators possess the skill and experience needed to procure the evidence crucial to your success. With our assistance, you can build a stronger, more compelling case.

Delta Intel Group

What Our Clients Are Saying

Delta Intel Group is proud to have helped numerous Texas lawyers win their legal battles. Our services are endorsed by some of the most renowned lawyers in Texas. We invite you to explore our success stories and discover how we can help you succeed too.